I have been talking with various coaches recently, trying to put together a team to work with on my quest to turn myself from a back of the packer to podium finisher. I have had some fascinating conversations and really begun to get a feel of what I need from a coach. I will probably work with several people, dependent on my location, the particular sport and what I am trying to achieve (e.g. while I am in Tokyo I will need a swim coach based in same city to work with me in the pool, while I can have a general “tri” coach based anywhere in the world to give me detailed training schedules.)

What has been fun and enlightening  is how each coach has a particular style, and how that resonates with me. Some have great advise to impart, some are gentle encourager, while others lead by example. All of which I need and will actively seek out. However one particular  coach has really stood out already with his ability to inspire me with perfect reverse phycology, not telling me I can or cannot do something (as I had asked), but by telling me how it will need to be.

These two questions he asked me are brilliant examples:

“Do you have a life that will allow you to live in such a way that you can essentially become a semi-pro triathlete”?

Wow, me, a semi-pro, oh yes please…..

He then follows it with a perfect punch to the solar plexus which brings me straight back to earth but gets those competitive juices flowing.

“Will you still want to be that semi pro triathlete when it involves another 6 hours ride in 2 degrees in the pissing rain”

This is brilliant – inspiring and challenging, creating excitement and fear.

I definitely want to work with this man  🙂 Thank you Rob!

Todays stats

Swim – 1500m endurance

Gym – 60 minutes upper body work

Run – 33 mins recovery

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