Running like the Kenyans

Been a busy day of work and travel, so not much training done. I popped into the gym when I had an hour free unexpectedly early morning and did some strength work on my legs. This evening started as a slow  run to shake of my “aeroplane legs” but soon I was feeling pretty good and after maybe 2km I suddenly realised i was speeding around at about 4:40 km pace.

I would have happily kept running but had other things to do so stopped and enjoyed the runners high. I love that feeling when you just seem to fly along with no real effort, when everything comes together and running feels so natural. I always imagine that is how the top Kenyans feel when they run, the fluid movement and easy gait belying how fast they are actually moving.

Daily Stats

Gym – leg work.  60 minutes

Run 2km easy, 5 km tempo. 37 minutes

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