Time to rethink and reset

It has been a while since I wrote, basically because I am currently caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of what I am doing now and over the next 6-12 months, both in terms of sport and life in general.

Since summer I had suffered continual spate of coughs, colds and general sickness to the point I seem to have spent more time suffering or recovering then I have done healthy. I normally expect one, or max two, bugs per year, but I have had at least 5 in last few months. This has totally knocked me off my stride and screwed with all my plans in terms of getting fit enough to qualify for Half Ironman finals this year. It was always a long shot but was maybe possible if I had been able to fully immerse myself in to intense training plan since October, but travel and sickness means I am now actually less fit then I was 4 months ago. I actually think the stupid levels of travel has been a big contributor to weakening my immune system, along with way too much stress from way too many places causing my mind to flip out at times, so trying to get that under control will definitely be a step in the right direction.

I need to think hard what I should do, but at least in terms of training I am ready to get back on track.  I did get out and run on over the weekend (a gentle 8km jog that actually hurt), plus I did a 1 hour session on the bike so now feel ready to start following a plan, but I just don’t know what exactly I am aiming for. I generally find that inspiration comes along when I need it most, so I am keeping an open mind and will see what pops up to hook me. In the meantime I will be ramping up my training, looking to initially lose the extra KG I have added, and get some spring back into my stride. I have signed up for a Half Ironman in June, so whatever happens I have at one race to aim for and once I get a planned trip over with next week, should have at least a month of no travel to allow me to focus and get some consistency in.

I am sure things will work themselves out, life is too short to worry too long. In 20 years time no one will remember the problem that kept them awake at night so its stupid I miss out on the good stuff as I get caught up stressing about the bad! But until I sort out what is what and where I am going, I will be putting this blog on hold as I focus on pulling myself out from between the rock and the hard place I find myself in.

Don’t forget – get the run done, you’ll feel better once you do.









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