Happy New Year

Well, it’s finally 2018 so firstly let me wish you all a Very Happy New Year! Very much hope that this will be the most amazing year and each of us will stay happy, healthy and focused on achieving our goals!

31 Dec 2017
A view from the plane as the last sun of 2017 slowly sinks below the horizon.

The year finished with a bit of a stutter as due to fog, massive delays and missed connections I ended up being the only guest in the airport hotel on 31 December. But I refused to let that get me down, and I enjoyed a long night of deep sleep and woke up bright and early,  had a huge breakfast cooked personally for me by the hotel restaurant, and a jog around the airport in the winter sunshine before my flight in the afternoon. Now not only do I feel much recovered after a such a convoluted trip, but the cold that had again laid me low at the end of  the year  is at long last showing signs of abating, and my energy levels are going back up.

So, I will leave it at that for today, gonna be lots of changes in the coming year, lots of ups and I am sure a few downs, but will try to stay positive and keep training and racing,  eating healthy and enjoying the privilege of being alive and well. As the title of Susan Lackes book says – “life is too short to go fxcking slow”!

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