Day One

OK, here we are, day one of phase one of my new challenge! I must admit I am quite excited and can’t wait to really get into things, but due to my travelling schedule won’t be settled for another two weeks, so a little bit of grabbing training chances when I can, especially on the bike.

Knowing my opportunities to ride outdoors may be limited for a while I ventured out for a somewhat cold and damp bike on Saturday, it was short at around 40km but some decent climbs with over 600m of elevation, plus some great speed work when a dog decided to chase me on the way out and the return. It actually stalked me through the long grass at the side of the road and tried to ambush me both times, and I hammered the bike to ensure I didn’t end up as dog’s dinner. I may thank that canny canine on race day as it was two great interval sessions.

Sunday was wet and windy all day, but after toying with the idea of running at the gym I went out and enjoyed the rainy weather and deserted streets for a semi decent 12k, with 100m of elevation. Was happy I pushed myself out the door and feel set up to start the new training schedule properly.

That is to say, I would start the new training schedule if it wasn’t for the little problem of not having a proper training schedule  to start yet. I have been working on what I need to do in terms of actual times to get a qualifying slot, as well as researching ideas but haven’t got down and dirty with the day-to-day details. I have around 5 months until my first qualifying race for the 70.3 Ironman finals, with the last chance to score slots (for 2018) another 5 month later, on the first weekend in August. I plan to race every 4-8 weeks until I get the slot, so is quite a lot to work out and I have been casting around for ideas and support. I expect to use the services of a professional coach and attend a few training camps, but in the meantime, will follow my normal HIM schedule with as much outdoor bike and hilly running as I can manage until I can get a proper plan sorted.

The other big discipline I have to tackle is writing about the whole process, I enjoy writing but have never tried writing a book before. I am a bit clueless on what to do so will be popping into the local book shop to “buy a book about writing a book” – Amazon doesn’t give me the chance to flick through the pages and research properly, and as I haven’t any idea what I need until I see it, a real bricks and mortar store will be my best recourse I feel.

All done for my write-up today, I will be posting my training logs either later today or tomorrow morning but now time to focus on my day time job.

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Monday 9th Oct Training Stats

Swim – 30 minutes general swim

Bike – One hour recovery bike

Run – 30 minutes recovery run

Gym – 60 minutes strength training

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