A genuine athlete?

I had a fantastic week of training last week, culminating in the Saturday run I wrote about earlier, and then a really good bike ride Sunday morning.

Of course I had my normal internal fight on Sunday, setting my alarm for 5am with a plan to start riding at 6, but instead had 30 minutes laying in bed thinking about getting up until actually getting up, only to spend a further hour playing on the computer (yes my computer is working again , yeehaa) , before getting it together enough to be ready to start by 7… at least 90 minutes wasted time!

Once the bike was underway I felt sooo tired from my hard week I was tempted to give up, but I used my tried and tested method to ” get the run done”, I simply lied to myself, telling my inner chicken that I just needed to ride out for an hour then could turn back.. of course at the one hour mark I added an extra 30 minutes, and kept doing that until I reached 3 hours when I allowed myself to turn around for the ride back. 

I felt pretty fresh once I had spun out the tiredness and kept a good pace on the hills and the flat. It was only around the last 30k that the heat and distance got to me and I slowed noticeably. But I kept going and once I jumped off the bike(ok, jump probably isn’t quite accurate, more like gingerly trying to swing my leg over like a geriatric dog taking a pee, all the while holding onto the fence so I didn’t topple over), I did a slow change and went out again for a very tough 30 minute brick run. 

But, as always the feeling of satisfaction after I finished was worth all the pain, the early start and the exhaustion. I had completed everything I had set out to do both on the long swim/run/bike of the weekend plus the distances and speed work planned for the week. I felt like a real genuine athlete rather than the fraud I so often resemble. My confidence that I would be able to complete Ironman Korea in September was high enough that I sat down and booked the flights for the race and arranged the coach transfer to the hotel! So looks like the die is cast and I’ll be racing in my annual full distance IM as planned!

Of course the process all starts again this week, and maybe a bit tougher to hit the numbers as I’m traveling early in the week. I will have to ride in Tokyo on the weekend, which I really don’t like due to heavy traffic on the roads , then crowds of people out for a family stroll, walking the dog or jogging on the same path as I ride.  It’s scary and frustrating, but I know the weather will mimic the heat of Korea, so it needs to be done. The best solution is leave at first light at 4:30am when all sensible people are still tucked up in bed, but going on my efforts this past weekend that would mean me getting up at 2:30am to be ready to leave in time, which maybe a little early even for an old fart like me!

Weekly Totals

7 Runs. Total 60k. One LSR(long slow run), one speed 

4 Bike. Total 195k. One endurance, two intervals

3 Swim. Total 6.2k. One endurance. 

4 Resistance Training/core/stretch. 4 hours