An (extra) ordinary run

Ok, happy Saturday!

And what may you ask makes this a particularly Saturday happy ? Well, to be honest nothing amazing, nothing out of the ordinary, but that is the point. The fact it was long run day and things were ordinary is a big step for me, as since the beginning of this year when I was struggling first with the sports hernia, then then operation, then post op recovery leading to me being overweight and under trained, I haven’t managed an ordinary run for a long long time, everything has either been slow and tiring or short and cheap.

So today I managed 21k @ 5:37 pace, on rolling to hilly terrain. I started early to avoid the heat but still mid 20s degrees, with little shade. I decided to run without water or gels as it was too mendokousai (a Japanese word meaning “pain in the arse”), a decision that probably wasn’t the best idea in hindsight.

First few KM I still felt the last days training as I have been pushing hard this week, (added to which I got in a very good 3.2k in the pool yesterday, but being just 16m length, the number of kick-offs on the turns had resulted in some cramp, which still lingered), but that wore off reasonably quickly.

Everything went well with no run in with dogs, dodgy drivers or drunks until last few km, when the lack of water started to hit. I had a brainwave and stopped at an early morning chemist, knowing that they often have a water fountain for their customers to take their pills. I was in luck, and mouthing a sweaty and breathy “water” accompanied by a point and a smile got me rehydrated and back on my way.  

I struggled up the last sharp hill, but finished strongly, singing along with my iPod  “Hey hey, you you, I don’t like your girlfriend” at the top of my voice over the last 500m, doing Avril Lavigne proud although possibly pissing off a few neighbors’ who now may well agree with my declaration that “I think you know I’m damn precious, and hell yeah I’m a motherfxxxxg princess”.

Will take the rest of the day easy, as long bike tomorrow, but feeling more confident in myself knowing I pushed hard all week but still managed to get the run done, it was my longest training run since January, and my knee is still holding out well. 

Enjoy your Saturday and #gettherundone !