A long week

Not much of an update but felt the blog was getting a bit lonely and needed a bit of love !

This week has been difficult as I predicted.  It is never easy when travelling, even more so when going through so many time zones. I was happy I managed to get a run in at the gym inside Doha airport during my 2 hour stop over, thereby keeping my daily run streak going. Actually is very nice way to break up a long journey, I just wish I had more time to do a bit more than disembark, change, run, shower, board.

Other than that, been a bit behind schedule. I am stiff from travelling, I have to focus on work and day-to-day life and my knee is playing up too, so I have resigned myself to a quiet training week, although I am still sticking to my mantra of #gettherundone.

Last nights run was tough as earlier in the day I had spent an hour working on my legs at the gym followed by a 40 minute swim plus was still jet lagged. The run around here is pretty hilly and the inclines slow me down a lot, so the late hour and high humidity all combined to tempt me to do the minimum 1 mile run I need to keep my daily run streak going. However, my schedule called for around 8km, so rather than wimp out which I have done in the past, I clicked that tape in my head where I tell myself that no matter how tough it is, it wont kill me, even if I have the slowest run ever it will still count and I will be proud of myself if I just press on and do what I have to do. And that is exactly what I did, I didn’t think too much about it, simply set myself on the course and started, had a terribly slow run, sweating buckets and suffering like an old man, but I did what was written down on my schedule, and I feel so much happier today looking at my training plan and ticking off the numbers exactly I had planned.

One last thought, I saw a quote recently which I love, said something like “85% of what you accomplish is down to the decision to get it done, the other 15% is what you were born with”. I can’t remember where I saw it or who actually said it, but it is so true. We really can achieve most anything we want, our only real limitation is our fear and laziness. I hope that writing this blog will help keep me on track, focused on achieving the goals I set myself rather than finding excuses to fail.