Stats Week 3

Week Three 6 Nov – 12 Nov

Much better this week as not so tired. The bike got  a lot faster and my swims were much more comfortable. Runs are staying the same, but I guess that is because I have been running daily for so many years.

I have started to get excited about my race plans for 2018, especially Sri Lanka which is just 16 weeks away now. I know I really don’t have much chance to qualify for the South Africa Finals so early after setting the challenge, but I also know I am going to be much faster than previous attempts. This is what training is all about, bloody hard but with a specific aim that is more than just about getting to the finish line.



Swim – 80 mins intervals 100 x 8 warm, 200m x 10, 4 x 50 cool down. The warm ups were done off 20 seconds rest, with total time was 20 minutes, which is fast for me. Bit slower 200m x 10 as my new stroke disappears as I tire, but the swim went well, less tiredness. Bit bummed that the water massage jets in the jacuzzi weren’t working, it’s always a nice way to relax after a swim
Gym – 60 minutes strength work
Run – 4km easy


Bike – 80 mins Turbo. Warm up, single leg drills, 5 x 3 min big gear pushes , cool down
Really don’t know how big and how hard to go, but the on leg drills are definitely helping me improve
Gym – 60 min strength work at gym
Run – 4km easy


Run. 70 mins. 10 mins Warm Up. Then 20 @ 5:51/ 20 @ 5:36 / 20 @ 5:19
Love these intervals, although I have problems judging my speed, and it’s up and down through out each 20 minute session, although totals are pretty close to pace I need.
Gym – 60 min strength work at gym


Bike – 80 mins Turbo. warm up, single leg drills, 4 x 5 mins hard
This is supposed to be done at Olympic Distance pace, but not having done anything shorter that half Ironman, I just try to keep above 32kph (20mph). Maybe slow for most, but fast for me. Coincidently, I reckon this will need to be my minimum pace on race day
Easy Brick run
Swim Lesson. Stroke getting better and better. I can feel it happening, after my whole racing life of feeling awkward in the water, I genuinely feel I am gliding now(which I am not really, but it does feel very different)


Swim – 80 mins intervals 400, 300, 200, 100 warm up, 300 x 6
Was much better than last week, didn’t get so tired and didn’t slow so much at end. Took 20 sec breathers with ease.
Run – wasn’t in my schedule but as I hadn’t made it to run club meets at track I had no chance to do high intensity efforts, so did a 6km race pace on the treadmill. Felt comfortable


Run – 90:15 mins 16.44Km. LSR
Back at exactly same pace as two weeks ago, which is scary as I don’t plan it, guess this is my natural 90 minute run pace. Definitely tired at end


Bike – 86.9km in 3 hours on Turbo.
I  struggled to get up and out in morning, so ended up doing on indoor trainer. I am very happy to report went much better that two weeks ago, did exactly same work out but took about 25 mins less! Kept steady pace throughout and enjoyed
Run – 5 minute brick run

Swim 160 minutes. 6km, 2 sessions plus 1 x 60 lessons
Bike 346 minutes 154km, 3 sessions
Run 276 minutes, 50.5km, 7 sessions
Gym strength and stretch. 180 minutes. 3 sessions


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