Stats Week 2

Week Two 30 Oct – 5 Nov

All recovered from my recent travels, this week was my first opportunity to follow the training schedule fully, and I am still on a high from the efforts! It’s amazing how changing things up and putting more effort into something can make it so much more enjoyable, I just hope I can keep the enthusiasm going. I have already written in detail about the swim changes in the previous post, and will write shortly about how things changed in bike and run, so here it is just about the actual numbers

gettherunedone bike
The crack on my indoor training bike caused by sweat erosion!


Swim – 60 minute 1-2-1 lesson
Fantastic, loved every minute of it. A good coach who “gets you” is worth their weight in gold.
Run –  30 min easy
Gym – strength training and stretching – 60mins

Bike – 80 mins Turbo. warm up, single leg drills, 4 x 5 mins hard
This was quite tough, not something I am used to, tried to keep above 32kph
Brick run – 24 minutes

Swim – 80 mins intervals 100x 10 warm up, 200m x 10, cool down
Used the techniques learnt in lesson on Monday, went well until I tired
Run – 30 min easy

Swim – 60 minute 1-2-1 lesson
Even better than Monday. Although lesson 10 minutes short as forgot my trunks and had to make a mad half naked dash to the shop to buy new ones.
Run –  80 mins. 20 @ 5:49/ 20 @ 5:33 / 20 @ 5:19
Really enjoyed once I got into it, felt good
Gym – strength training and stretching – 60mins

Swim – 80 mins intervals 400, 300, 200, 100 warm up, 300 x 6
Very tired, but breaks just enough to let me recover and keep going till finish.
Bike – 60 mins Turbo. warm up, single leg drills, big gear pushes
Tired all over, but again the “easy” breaks in between allowed me to keep going until the end
Brick Run. 20 minutes

Run – 91 minutes 16.4k.LSR
Tad slower than last week, but kept within myself and felt smooth.

Bike – 3.02hrs, 68km
Had a few problems with my bike gears so ended up doing the whole ride on the big front cog. Really enjoyed being out and relaxed into this.
Brick Run – easy 15 minutes in the rain

Swim 155 minutes. 5.8km, 2 sessions plus 2 x 60 lessons
Bike 346 minutes 143km, 3 sessions
Run 287 minutes, 51.5km, 7 sessions
Gym strength and stretch. 120 minutes. 2 sessions

Got the run done, as well as the bike and the swim! I wasn’t really focused on anything more than completing the sessions exactly as had been written, so was quite relaxing. But the extra mileage certainly hit home

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