Week One Stats

As promised, here are my training stats for last week. I am not sure exactly how I will format them going forward, so this layout etc may change as I go along.

Ceepo in T1. get the run done
Random pic of my bike in T1, as I am told I should always include images in my posts

Week One

Technically is week three, but will reset to week one.

I lost half this week due to travel and jet lag, so first few days I did very little and what I did do was at easy pace. Then was a case of slowly getting into a different training methodology, as this is the first time I have “properly” used the services of a coach. The weather has been mostly wet and windy

Run – 26min easy
Jet lagged and tired, so just moving legs over

Run – 45min easy
Felt good and ran comfortably

Swim – 30 mins easy
Straight swim to loosen up. Slow but easy
Run – Race pace on treadmill. 30 minutes 6km
Was hard work, felt tired and off pace
Gym strength training and stretching – 60mins

Run – 38m 7km – slight tempo run
Felt good and ran at decent pace
Gym strength training and stretching – 60mins

Swim – 55 minutes 200m x 10, 50 x 2 cool down
First time for me to break a swim down into parts. Felt good.
Bike – 60 mins Turbo. warm up, single leg drills, big gear pushes
Again, first time to do intervals. Felt very tired at the end
Run. 30 min easy
Gym strength training and stretching – 60mins

Run – 91 minutes 16.6k.LSR
Was cool and wet and I was tempted to cut short, but eventually enjoyed and got in full 90 minutes as planned

Bike – 3hrs27 mins 87km, Computrainer. Pre-set Course
Full on hurricane so couldn’t go outside
The timing got screwed up as I forgot to pause the timer when I had to stop for a while half way through, so showing took much longer than actual. However, was hard work for the first 40km, I was struggling. Second half felt much better and probably averaged around 28km. I am still way to slow though, need to increase speed around 7kph to get up among the big boys.
Run – easy 15 minutes in the rain

Swim 83 minutes. 3.3km, 2 sessions
Bike 267 minutes 116km, 2 sessions
Run 273 minutes, 50km, 7 sessions
Gym strength and stretch. 180 minutes. 3 sessions

Was a very “bitty” week but I feel I made progress. Realization that I am a long way of qualifying pace and I really began to question my ability to qualify for 2018. However, did feel I made a step up by at least partly managing to follow what my coach had set, and getting out of my normal one pace training.


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