Back and raring to go

After a long flight and some unfortunate delays due to a typhoon pummeling Japan, I eventually arrived back in Tokyo today and can’t wait to get started on my serious training (and writing), although I have to do some “real work” too. I intend to spend a month focusing on my company here before heading back to Europe and my attempts to start my new business there. 

Looking at my training plans I realize I have real difficulties stepping outside my normal routine, so in an effort to get more variety I will be training much more with my running and triathlon club during my time in Tokyo, then I plan to join the local equivalents in the U.K. and do the same there until the end of the year. It will be my first time to join a sports club in England since I left school so I am looking forward to it, even if I’m somewhat nervous.

One problem I have yet to solve is what to do from January. For the purpose of writing a book about your average athlete breaking through and qualifying for the world championships, I feel I should battle the elements of the cold winter season, the same as every other back of the packer must do. I would also like to take a course and make the first step to becoming a qualified coach. 

On the other hand, considering how difficult it can be to get out to train regularly during the winter and my aim to try and qualify in the heat of Sri Lanka in February, I feel training in a warmer country maybe the best option, especially as my new business may be based around exactly that. Perhaps a bit of both will be the best solution. 

In the meantime from now on, every Monday I will summarize what I have done the previous week on this blog. Although I haven’t finalised my training plans yet, I have a reasonable idea what I will be doing :

Swim – I have booked a coach and hopefully will have at least one lesson plus one or two endurance swims every week.

Bike – I’ll work on my indoor trainer twice a week for speed and technique with long outdoor rides with my TiT team mates at the weekend.

Run – I will continue to run every day but will go to the track for interval training every Wednesday, plus a “technique” drill on the treadmill at gym and one long run per week. 

So this is it, I’m ready for the start of my new challenge, and I look forward to sharing each step of my journey along the way. 

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