On my way

I’m sat on the bus heading to the airport as I write this, will keep it short as it’s not yet 7am and I’m gonna try to sneak in a quick nap.

The bike was serviced, and is now packed away in the luggage compartment along with my transition bag stuffed full of 5 days worth of clothing, a full department store worth of  race gear and enough food and snacks to feed an army.  The race is taking place in the middle of nowhere where I’m told the food options are very limited and the last thing I want to be doing is experiment with the local products famed for their spicey heat. So not only have I brought the standard gels, bars and other food for the race, but also a selection of dried soups, dried fruits, dried pasta dishes ( yep that’s a thing!) and various random food stuff that I think I can sneak past customs to try to substain me both before and after the race takes place.

I will write about my thoughts on how my training went later, but will stop now as just writing this makes me nervous and that can have a rather direct effect on my need to use the toilet, not a good thing when stuck in s bus for two hours!!