Struggling As you may have noticed by my dwindling posts, I’ve been having a hard job staying focused and motivated. Lots of daily grind happening, lots of shitty weather and a lack of quality sleep have got me down.

But… I’m still doing it 🙂 Yep, was happy that in the last week I managed to hit a couple of my key numbers I always like to reach… its strange as they’re random numbers, but as I’ve done them every year I don’t want to miss them this year.

1) swim minimum 4K without s break – done!
2) minimum 28k long run – done
3) at least two 70k run weeks. Done
4) 80k run week – on target this week
5) 180k bike – not done
6) 300k bike week – not done
7) 20hr training week – this week.

As you can see my bike is lagging, and I can put at least 50% of that down to weather as the summer has been terribly wet, rain just about every single day. Probably another 25% of the failure can be put down to my half ironman being in July rather than June due to my operation delaying all my training by a month, and the final reason (excuse?) is my dislike of riding in Tokyo and lack of training partner. 

Well I’m going to try to make up the mileage on the bike over next two weeks, and I’m reasonable confident I can at least complete my ironman, but the problems I’ve had this year prompt me again to consider moving to a place more conducive to training (although to be honest there are many many other people in Tokyo who do manage to train perfectly well).

However I know myself pretty well and I’ve never been someone who enjoys fighting crowds or traffic and I’m simply not good enough to keep up with the athletes of the local Triclub, so my dream of moving to somewhere where I can open a training Centre for people like me keeps popping into my head.

Anyway, today is a quiet day, a semi long run in the evening is all I’ve planned. The constant rain and overcast skies seem to have an adverse effect on my Garmin GPS and my times have been very slow, which while it is perfectly possible that I am that slow, but I feel my pace is at least 10 seconds faster per KM then my results show.  Today should be dry so I’ll get a chance to see.

I’ll keep myself focused somehow, and will get the run done, just 3.5 weeks till race day…