A Rant Against Negative Thoughts

It’s been very busy work-wise the last week or so, meeting after meeting trying to find the right solutions to some pretty serious issues.

And at the same time my training schedule has kept increasing and I have been pushing hard to keep up. I need at least 2 months more training, but only 6 weeks to go

All this while I’m still getting over my jet lag, juggling with some extra responsibilities and trying to deal with some negative people, which is a nasty combination.

I’m tired, I’m down. I should quit…

It’s so hard to stay motivated and focused when there is so much negativity and tiredness in my life,  I have been tempted more and more often to give up on the upcoming race and just take things a bit easier … after all no one other than me cares if I compete, I’m sure the naysayers and underachievers would welcome me into their world …

But you know what, that’s exactly why I won’t give up, I don’t want to be one of the excuse makers with nothing to do but whinge. Life is for living, once it’s gone it’s gone so I need to stay positive, fit and healthy so I can enjoy every second I can .  I set myself a challenge to do this Ironman, and I know the best thing to do is get out and train, just put on the shoes and get the run done, both myself and my world will feel better once I do.

Whatever I achieve in my training and racing belongs to me, and I’m not going to let anyone or anything take that away from me.   Yes I may be tired and stressed , yes I maybe a confirmed “back of the packer” with no more ambition than a slight improvement on my previous attempt , but I committed to do this and I am going to see it through! I know I will regret every missed training session on the day of the race, so better I do what I can now. The daily highs I feel after finishing my training and the massive rush of satisfaction from participating and completing the race, will more than make up for the temporary inconvenience of getting through my day.

There is a YouTube video that pops up when I’m looking for things to motivate myself, that tells you to “get rid of anything that’s negative in your life”, and I think it’s time I did just that.

I have my dream to build and run a warm weather training centre focused on “average” runners and bikers like me, who are not comfortable training with the A group athletes but still want to do the best they can. I think it’s time I ignored the negatives and focused on achieving my dream, no more excuses, no more wasting what’s left of my life,  no more allowing others to drag me down. I will do what I have to do and then move onwards, life is for living!

I feel better. Will go and do a 10k run now…  I love the power of positive thinking