Slow day

Not too good today, have had a few bad nights in a row, meaning I am suffering from lack of sleep. Woke up at 3am again, tossed and turned for an hour or so before giving up and getting up to start work. I did manage to get a lot done, but have been very low key through out the day. It is nice to see the daylight break though, I enjoy serenity of the early mornings of summer

Lots of things on my mind to keep me awake but not all bad. My half IM race creeps closer, and the excitement is beginning to bubble through as I prepare both mentally and physically, check my kit, check the course stats etc… actually a triathlon involves a lot of kit, and I am a chronic over packer,  so much of my time over next few days will be about whittling it down to manageable proportions. It always amazes me when I see athletes with one plastic bag half full, swinging nonchalantly from their hand as they head to the transition, when I always, but always, have a full backpack full of gear. Will have at least two sets of shorts, shirts, pants and socks for various potential weather conditions or mishaps,  wet suit, swim cap, two sets of goggles with nose clip tied on ( i have an allergic reaction if water gets into my nasal passages, which can result in a pretty miserable time, nose blocked and dripping like a tap on bike and run), bike helmet, gloves, running shoes, bike shoes, race belt, spare race belt (I had one break on me once!), bum bag, sunglasses for bike, sunglasses for run, race watch, two sweat bands for my wrists, running cap, towels, various gels, bars and drinks …  along with lotions, sticky plaster, Vaseline and creams for keeping all those important places from getting sore or burnt, plus warm clothes and easy shoes for end of the race…. all I am missing is the kitchen sink 🙂

Ok, as I have made myself smile thinking of my best Mr. Bean impressions while amongst the svelte and confident athletes that make up the ranks of triathlons, I now feel the energy to run. Nothing much today, just turn the legs over, then jump in the shower before an early night. Enjoy the evening sun, get the run done and finish the day on a positive note.

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